Siesta Key Destination Bracelet – 5mm

$435.00 $304.50


This bracelet is hand made of Solid Silver with 14k gold accents. World famous for its white sand beaches, clear waters, breathtaking sunset and restful easy lifestyle, Siesta Key is a paradise getaway alive with a tropical atmosphere. The Siesta Key Destination TM Bracelet is a symbolic tribute in precious metals to a place whose tranquil and unsurpassed beauty transport you to your own personal paradise! Adorned with insignia of sand, sun and sea, stylized letters join in the center creating a union that evokes the “hook” that Siesta Key has on the hearts of many. The sombrero that is incorporated into the “S” reminds us of this destination’s captivating feeling of relaxation with its warm breezes, cool waters and beaches of seemingly magical quality. Three wide 14 karat gold rope wraps represent the three bodies of water that surround Siesta Key with breathtaking scenery; Little Sarasota Bay, Roberts Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. So whether it’s your dream vacation or you’re just dreaming of a far-off land that provides you a warm welcome and unique ambiance… the Siesta Key Destination TM Bracelet brings Siesta Key to life.